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Voucher translate

voucher translate

Second-placed Barbara Hayward from Huntingdon won 75 of gift voucher s and Liz Knights from Wisbech, who came third, a 50 gift voucher.
This voucher entitles the bearer to one free sheet of Shows'n'Rides tickets (12 individual tickets) when one Shows'n'Rides sheet is purchased.
English-Russian dictionary of accounting and financial terms.
Ski Jacket Buying Guide, buying Guides, whether your old jacket is on its last legs, or youre just tired of wearing the same old thing, you have a bit of a problem; you need a new ski jacket, but you dont really know where.In 1903, for instance, the Galle kachcheri issued over 5,000 voucher forms and 1,500 removal permit forms.The cashier completes a sales voucher, which is usually in triplicate, for the amount due.Such places are, for example, points for selling theater, train, and aircraft tickets, tourist vouchers, and so on, while a document which confirms the fact of payment is a ticket of a voucher or a contract for tourist services.The deal includes a 10 voucher towards an evening meal.We will forward a voucher copy of above issue, showing the insert, as soon as possible.My prize was a voucher for half-a-crown which had to be spent on one of the Carnival's stalls.At the end of last year each Russian citizen received a privatisation voucher with a face-value of 10,000 roubles, worth approximately 15 when they were issued, but only 12 at today's exchange rate.The third part of our competition to win this beautiful bedroom furniture from Olympus - just cut out and keep the special voucher, several companies provide voucher schemes for employers, but Mr Eldridge points out that "the commissions charged are quite high which may have.Money off voucher worth 5 in every copy.
The signature on the voucher is checked against the signature on the credit card.

Bidirectional Bulgarian English Dictionary.Voucher system noun : a system of accounting in which a voucher (as for an account payable) is prepared usually with supporting documents attached.Word of the day: staff tight.You'll receive your voucher in your mailbox.Voucher rt1' translate ( voucher.amountUnused number:2 ) '.As part of our commitment to junior tennis, we are offering anyone who is interested in joining the Centre a voucher for 1 off the usual membership.(excluding Rhode Island) age 18 and over.Find more information about disputing a ticket here.
An advanced reservation is required by calling.
Debit card (Visa or MasterCard logo).