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Staples easy rebates online

staples easy rebates online

Latest news, july 28, 2005: I got another Staples Dollars check, this one for 10, from Staples.
In this instance we are forwarding your request through to see if we can make a one time courtesy for you.The fourth is because the cheap vacation vouchers comma after attached shouldn't be there.You can also track the status of your rebate, using the Rebate ID above,.I submitted a rebate request through the Staples rebate Web site on the same day.Furthermore, in addition to telling Parago to send me another 10 rebate check, Staples also sent me another Staples Dollars check, this time for.He promised me that he would address this situation to ensure that this is not a problem for our valued customers in the future.Rewards, staples Plus personalizationcarousel.Be sure to visit our website at m for future rebate opportunities.Also, I already waited 10 days as instructed for you to straigten out this mess, and you already had all the information I've just repeated before I waited that 10 days.Christina Promotions Customer Service I waited more than 10 days, and then I sent them this message on April 10: From: Jonathan Kamens To: Staples Subject: Re: Staples Promo Center Email (Thread:xxxxxx) Date: Sun, 00:11:09 -0400 It has been more than 10 days since you.Here's the rebate redemption form that I was given at the register (cut into pieces so it would fit on my scanner Later that same day, I submitted a rebate request through m/, a site run by Parago, Staples' rebate processing vendor.Kim Promotions Customer Service My response: From: Jonathan Kamens To: Staples Subject: Re: Staples Promo Center Email (Thread:xxxxxx) Date: Sat, 20:52:06 -0500 Surely you know that I can't resubmit a rebate.Jonathan Kamens On April 16, I received this message back from Parago: From: Staples To: Subject: Re: Staples Promo Center Email (Thread:xxxxxx) Date: Sat, 11:43:33 -0300 Dear Jonathan Kamens: Tracking number: xxxxxxxxxx Thank you for your inquiry.By the way, why does the tracking number in your message below say yyyyyyyyy when the tracking number of the rebate we're discussing, and indeed the tracking number which appeared in the messages from you before the last one, is xxxxxxxxx?
I found this out because Staples sent me a copy of the letter to the Mayor's office responding to my complaint.

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I left the CD mailer sealed, marked it refused.Prices do not include applicable taxes and/or eco-fees.We appreciate your participation in this promotion.Rebate For: February Comments: Your Web site says that my rebate check has cleared, which is fascinating since (a) I never received it and (b) when I submitted my rebate request I told you I wanted the rebate sent via direct deposit.I've now made more money in rebates and gift certificates than I paid for the original purchase!I also intend to post this entire chain of correspondence to my personal Web site and to consumer sites on the Internet.The promotion that was in effect at the time I submitted my rebate request did not include such a choice.I don't usually criticize people's writing on-line, and I suppose I shouldn't nit-pick given that they gave me 15 for my trouble, but still, this is a pretty poorly written letter.I received an email back on the 18th advising that the customer will receive his rebate check in 7-10 business days.
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