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Real deals dollar store syracuse ny

real deals dollar store syracuse ny

Three years ago, the owners say, they sold in one week a tractor trailer load of fresh-cut flower bouquets (Retail: 12 to 22) that Wal-Mart had rejected after the shipment arrived a day late.
"I pay attention to what we need at the stores, what we can do to make sales better.
Seamans says having 10 to 15 stores is a good range for them.
Frank OrdoƱez / The Post-StandardJim Seamans, co- owner of Real Deals of Auburn Inc., checks inventory of products at the company's warehouse in Auburn.They became partners in 1997, when they opened Real Deals.An overview can be found here.Auburn, NY - The worlds of credit and high finance have collapsed; people are losing jobs and worrying about their bills or their business."A guy who knew you were going to sell something for 2 would never sell you something for 60 cents said Hutchins.And they don't feel cheated, not.".In 1992, seeing the video rental business changing, he left it and opened a Subway restaurant in Auburn.

At auctions he kept running into Hutchins, 58, who was always competing with him for product.Seamans and Hutchins are retail bottom feeders, squeezing bits of value out of excess things that might otherwise go directly to the landfill - disposable hospital lab coats, blue jeans, batteries junior golf contests ideas and organic marinara sauce, anything cb2 promotional code february 2015 they can buy at fire-sale prices.Things sold in Real Deal stores might have sat for years in a warehouse, including the Real Deals warehouse, which is packed with such stuff as hand puppets and plywood.Soon as I was hired as shift supervisor the gossip started from the "store manager".she started filling me in on the dirt of the other employees and giving me a special warning about her assistant manager who wants her job "so badly" and.Seamans, 51, cut his entrepreneurial teeth in the early 1980s opening some of Cayuga County's first video rental stores.He took accounting and business classes at Cayuga Community College and learned taxes working for H R Block.(4.1 billion revenue in 2007).She had to leave early two days out of the four she was "training" me "on top of all her chat sessions" I received about four hours if cash sweeping meaning that of actual training.The following is offered: Clothing Stores.
Let me tell you I was busting my but at that store giving excellent customer service unloading trucks, running register at the same time and taking care of the store managers stuff every time she left early.