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Raffle prize gift basket ideas

raffle prize gift basket ideas

Walk-a-thon Fundraiser : A healthy option that gets everyone raising money for your cause.
Spin-a-thon : Team up with a local gym or ymca to host a spin-a-thon for your charity.
Sell tickets to play each game.
Have guests dress up to the theme, and charge an entrance fee and sell raffle tickets.You corporate giveaways philippines can combine luxury ugg slippers buy now pay later prizes with cash prizes or you can do raffle where all prizes consist of luxury items.Childrens Cookbook: Kids and parents can write down their favorite recipes and instructions on how to make them.Tournament Fundraising Ideas, tournaments and contests can be a great way to put the fun in fundraising.For larger vacation packages, see our.Dream prizes, and the lure of dream prizes such as a new car or even a new house cant be underestimated.For instance, when you have a 10 ticket price, a 10,000 cash prize is a huge draw.50/50 Raffle: Sell tickets to a raffle.Add fun twists to attract more donors and keep people engaged and having fun at your event.If your organization is looking for an unusual drawing, think about experience raffles.Bachelor Auction: Introduce bachelors to your audience, and people can bid on a dinner and night on the town with the eligible suitor!Jail Bail: People at your event can pay to put someone in jail.Another option instead of offering a 10,000 first prize plus five 1,000 cash prizes, would be to switch the secondary cash prizes for things like a big screen TV, vacation packages, stereo system, Omaha steaks, etc.
Here are some creative ideas on how to use food to fundraise.

Another idea for a successful fundraiser is to sell raffle tickets with baskets as the prize.Bake sales have been used for decades to help raise money for charities, because everyone needs to eat.You can easily raise 10,000 with a cash raffle or one offering luxury prizes.Don't forget to include student made sandwhiches and drinks, to raise more money.Pool Tournament: Partner with a local pool bar.The success of a fundraising campaign begins with having a creative fundraising idea thats not only effective at raising money, but will excite donors and volunteers alike.When cash raffles are tied to well-publicized events like a golf ball drop, profits can easily exceed 25,000.Raffle Prizes different raffle, food raffle, meat raffles.All tips collected go towards your charity.Choose Your Software Solution Sign Up for free trial.
Having lots of additional chances to win smaller cash prizes is another great ticket sales incentive.