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I imagine there will be very few bug-free games in the contest, but you need it as bug-free as possible.
If you have to, get a canadian home improvement contests friend to help you out with food!
Some of you may be at different points in your development than others, but from my own experience, I imagine most of you feel very very behind.
It is time for a scary, scary story.At first, as you probably expected, there was some blundering around because I didnt know what to do or the steps I was supposed furniture stores in charlotte nc south blvd to do them first.I figured I would create a half-assed game or two to get my bearings then get to planning my dream RPG.Theyll see things you didnt see and give a good idea of how difficult your game truly.I love the little things happening as I became aware of events, like discount clothing stores nyc the thug dropping off the ransom note and my being unable to get to him because that navy(?) dude kept getting in the way (argh.Nothing will sour someone on a game quite like a game-ending bug.Things went on like this, day to day, and then he looked up and saw the scariest thing!Three words: I know kungfu.
Just my two cents.

Unfortunately, some of your initial plan might just not fit into the time you have left to create.Judging by how the main character must have restarted the day for A year to learn martial arts, you managed to at least communicate the love the two brothers have.Then I discovered the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest hosted by RPG Maker and Humble Bundle and knew I had to get in.Click here to get the latest version of the Flash Player.HumbleBundle website for around 12, thinking I would eventually give it a go eventually.Number of Days Restarted: 418, time taken to play: 1 hr 30 minutes.Especially blind playtesting with people who didnt make the game.Thats right my friends,.It didnt help that: the map takes a while to walk from one end to the other even running, I felt the character was s l.I wish the connecting bridge could have been in the middle part of the map, and not the far right.
You need to get others to playtest your game.
This week should be a combination of 4 things in my opinion.